Glass lanterns are less labour intensive and relatively painless to make than the tin can lanterns, but just as pretty!

You will need:

Glass jars – I used an array of condiments jars collected over time, all different shapes and sizes looks great!

Translucent glass paints – available from Hobbycraft or similar craft stores.

3D paint / glitter glue – available from Hobbycraft or similar craft stores.

Ribbon / string / wire for hanging

Tea lightsIf you’re painting the jars with glass paint this should be done first and left to dry. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to pour a little paint inside the jar and tip and roll the jar to coat the inside. Any surplus paint can be poured back into the paint pot for re-use and the glass jars should be left upside down on kitchen roll or newspaper to soak up the paint. Leave the jars to fully dry over a couple of hours at the least so that when you turn them back upright there are no runs of wet paint.

Now you’re ready to start creating your design on the outside of the jar. 3D paints are great as they give the jar texture and can be applied using the nozzle of the bottle rather than with a paint brush. I also used glitter glue to create the same effect.  3D paints take a while to dry so don’t be tempted to check for an hour or two.

Once the paints are fully dry you can add the wire or ribbon for hanging and, with a tea light, they’re ready to light up the garden while you sit back and marvel about how creative you are!!!

Photography by Sam Brooks


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