My head’s been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse,

What I have inside me is enough to fill a house…

OK OK, so it’s been a while….in all honesty I don’t know where the time has gone!

Actually looking back over the last nine months I’ve been busy transforming my craft studio, I handmade Christmas presents for loved ones, experimented with felt making, shrinkles and salt dough, spent a snowy Christmas in Bulgaria, have decorated Grandma’s kitchen & bedroom, halfway through decorating our hallway (it badly needs it!!!), been to see some great exhibitions including Hokusai’s Great Wave and London Street Photography, had numerous (ridiculous) household crises and personal calamities, but most of all I have been glued to Pinterest.

But everyone has that one friend who ignores your excuses and ridicules your procrastinations long and loud enough to make you do something!! So no more excuses. I’m back, and hopefully this will be the first in a long line of interesting and clever design related posts, although no doubt it will probably degenerate into blah.

Thank you Deniz Beck for telling it straight…

All my days inactive will be justified,

Awaken from a slumber to a roller coaster ride.

Camera Obscura – Swimming Pool


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