BIROROBOT_OWLI have recently stumbled across biroRobot, a collaboration by illustrator sisters Lisa and Elena Gomez, and it makes me want to dig out my printing tools!

The duo began their print partnership after working together to create limited edition hand Gocco prints (a Japanese home printing creation of the 1970s, using flash bulbs to thermally imprint the original image onto a master screen) for ManOrMouse’s album ‘The Learning Curve’. The prints proved popular, resulting in peaked interest and commissions, and biroRobot was born.

Some of my favourite pieces available under the biroRobot banner are the hand pulled prints Twitt (top left) and Blue March (top right) and the Giclee (high quality ink-jet) Battersea print (bottom centre), but check out their store for others such as Cat, Apple, and And Pear.


Both Lisa and Elena have independently carved names for themselves in the world of illustration, and by wanting to tell you about their work as biroRobot I have opened a can of worms and added to my ‘things to look up’ list! It would seem the girls have been busy creating artwork under a range of names, so watch this space for more info!



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